Why BrontaStor®?

Business storage servers typically fall into 2 categories, high performance enterprise rack mount and pedestal servers or entry level NAS storage boxes. The BrontaStor® 822R-E4 combines the best features of each platform, in a simple neat solution that doesn’t require an expensive rack cabinet. You can install it in your office, school, studio, home office or lab, just like a desktop PC, yet it provides the performance and feature set of an enterprise server.

Built using Intel® Xeon® server technology means the BrontaStor ® 822R is powerful and flexible enough to support what you need to run for your business., wither it be a high performance Enterprise storage O/S like Open-e, Windows Server, FreeNAS or Bare metal Hypervisor allowing you to run multiple operating systems and appliances from a single box.

Typical NAS
Typical enterprise rack
Moderate cost
Good value
Low noise
Low noise
Noisy - installed away from users
Software RAID
Hardware or Software RAID
Hardware RAID
Limited performance especially for many users
Great performance for multiple users
Great performance for multiple users
Small footprint
Small footprint
Large 19" Rack format - needs to be installed in a cabinet
Ease of Installation
Ease of Installation
Planned installation
Fixed Proprietary O/S
Free choice of O/S
Free choice of O/S
No Out-of-Band / IPMI Remote management
Scalable enterprise IPMI 2.0
Enterprise IPMI 2.0
Built on entry level mobile or desktop technology
Built using Intel Xeon enterprise server technology
Built using enterprise server technology
Small memory buffer, usually without error checking
Supports up to 32GB of error checked low power server memory
Supports large memory configurations using server memory
Supports SATA drives only
Supports SATA and SAS drives, optional SED drive encryption, optional SSD caching
Supports SATA and SAS drives, optional SED drive encryption, optional SSD caching
low cost PSU, redundant option rare
Server grade dual redundant whisper quiet PSUs
Server grade dual redundant noisy PSUs
No virtualisation support
Latest Intel VT-x, VT-d, VT-c hardware Virtualisation support
Virtualisation support