The BrontaStor® 822R is a unique low noise NAS format server platform. Offering 12 hot-swap drive bays, single or dual power supplies and 4 expansion slots.


Built to a very high quality standard, the chassis is constructed of strong Japanese steel with a 5mm brushed aluminium front facia and matching hot-swap drive trays. The outer casing features two hand holds for easy lifting with a durable black metallic paint finish.


The BrontaStor chassis is divided into two sections. The lower deck houses the 10 front access storage drive bays, power supplies and support electronics. The upper mezzanine houses the dual SSD bays and motherboard. This section is custom designed to suit each motherboard, giving the benefits of a proprietary hardware design but with the flexibility of using an industry standard motherboard format.

Managed cooling

To maintain low noise levels and optimal cooling for both the motherboard, add in cards and hard drives; the BrontaStor has its own Chassis thermal Management Controller (CMC) and 6 x 4pin PWM fans. This microprocessor based controller ensures a stable temperature for the hard drives, independently of the motherboard or processor load, improving long term reliability.

Physical security

3 unique locks protect the 10 front drives from being removed except by authorised key holders.  The main array of 8 drives (R1-R1) are secured by key1, with the right hand bays (B1,B2) each protected by its own key, allowing the maximum flexibility for system administrators. A Kensington lock can be used to secure the chassis at the rear to prevent opportunist theft. 

Enterprise quality

Unlike typical business NAS products which are built using entry level processors and low cost desktop components in a proprietary hardware design, the BrontaStor 822R servers are based on enterprise server technology designed by Intel, including motherboards, Power Supplies, RAID module and of course processors.


While most business NAS products at best feature a single expansion slot with a very limited range of adapters supported, the BrontaStor provides 4 industry PC standard Low profile slots, which can support thousands of off the self PCI express adapter cards.

Global backup and support

The BrontaStor (S3 & E4) are built exclusively using Intel EPSD enterprise server components. Critical spare components (motherboard, PSUs, PSU PDB, Raid module, processor) are availability globally or where Intel sells EPSD servers. While the BrontaStor may be a new platform, the components inside are backed by the world’s largest and highest valued semiconductor manufacturer.


Each version of the BrontaStor storage server has been rigorously tested by Intel labs for Thermal, Acoustic and  EMC compliance.


BrontaStor servers are backed by a limited 3 year parts and Labour warranty. Additional business continuity warranty packages including on-site and next day exchange are available. Full details will be made available at launch.

BrontaStor 822R